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Jean Royère’s passion for color, exquisite materials and rhythmic and usually quite voluptuous forms, has resonated with important collectors from Europe to South America as well as Kings and Shahs of the Middle East since the 1950s. This pair of chairs (one featured in the top image) from the late 1930s is quite rare.  Made of sycamore and fur, it proposes a strong visual tension that is playful and joyous yet grounded and bold.  These characteristics make it easy to see why it such a coveted from and continues to gain prominence in collections around the world.


Inquiries: 06 47 25 09 66

We were stopped in our tracks when we saw these astonishing carafes by French designer Etienne Meneau. Just imagine what a statement one of these beautifully chic carafes would make on your table!

Image 1, 3 & 4: Carafe designed in Borosilicat glass. Height : 62cm. Content capacity : 75cl (one bottle). Limited edition ( 8 numbered and signed + 4 artist proofs)

Image 2: Carafe made of borosilicat glass. Limited edition (8 numbered and signed + 4 artists proofs)

Images 5 & 6: Carafe designed in borosilicat glass. Height 20cm. Content capacity: 16cl.  Limited edition (8 numbered and signed + 4 artists proofs).

For inquiries about any of these pieces: and +33 6 22 37 44 72.

Rosanna Gallo.

Images 1-3: This spectacular table in perspex and metallic gold gauze (2009) is by the Italian architect and designer, Rosanna Gallo. Venetian by birth, she has lived in Milan for many years. Her work combines an innate sense of symmetry and harmony with a poetic sensibility for her materials. We love the juxtaposition of materials in this table. The flowing meandering shapes created by the gold gauze are encased within the smooth transparent perspex creating a truly powerful piece.

Images 4-6: This stunning table would look fabulous in these interiors.

We can locate one of these superb tables for you. Contact us for inquiries: 06 22 37 44 72.

new glass exhibition in #Paris #lifestyledesign, #intdesignchat,  #glass, #collectibledesign, #artecase #beautiful

new glass exhibition in #Paris #lifestyledesign, #intdesignchat, #glass, #collectibledesign, #artecase #beautiful

#rodin, #artecase, #grandpalais #augustrodin #springinparis #paris

#rodin, #artecase, #grandpalais #augustrodin #springinparis #paris

#artecase, musée galleria #springinparis

#artecase, musée galleria #springinparis

Amazing Friday Finds! You won’t want to miss these!

Images 1 & 2: Growth Chair in cast bronze (2012) by Mathias Bengtsson. 73cm x 100cm x 75cm. Edition of 8 + 4AP.

Images 3 & 4: ‘Kubo’ side tables in various woods by Rasmus Fenhann. 2007. 45cm x 45cm x 45cm. Limited editions of  8 pairs (+ 2 prototypes +2 AP).

Image 5: 'Meadow' by Astrid Krogh. 2013. Optic fibres and aluminum.  150cm x 150cm x 30cm. Limited edition of 8 (+2AP + 2 prototypes). 

Image 6: Circular solid handblown glass bowl by Ora Urup. 2001. 26cm x 11cm. Limited edition of 5 pieces.

For inquiries about any of these pieces: and +33 6 47 25 09 66



This mirror by #mathiaskiss,  is amazing! one sold for 30k euros to a Russian collector at #artparis #artecase #collectbledesign

This mirror by #mathiaskiss, is amazing! one sold for 30k euros to a Russian collector at #artparis #artecase #collectbledesign

#bestoftheday #artecase

#bestoftheday #artecase

The Papa Bear chair by Hans Wegner is the essence of comfortable elegance. Created by the Danish designer in 1951, this chair along with several other of his models have come to represent the height of the Danish Modern movement.

The designer’s focus on materials and form together with an Asian influence,  has proven to be an aesthetic that  transcends changing fashions.

We have a pair of  these very hard to come by Papa Bear chairs available in oak and teak covered in their original wool upholstery.

Inquiries: and +33 6 47 25 09 66